ABee blends the old with the new with her extensive range of vinyl from 1995 through to 2019. She has been pushing the Speed Garage sound for the last 3 years, mixing new with the old to give rhythm and energy to the older tracks and to introduce it to a fresh new audience of ravers.  As well as loving Speed Garage, ABee loves Dark House and Techno and finds ways to combine these genres together to create sets full of energy that take you on a journey through the last 25 years of underground dance music. She layers new skool heavy Garage, House and Techno over hard, funky and progressive classics from legendary 90s labels such as – Nervous, Manifesto, Positiva, Work, Nice N Ripe and more. Focusing on tracks full of swing, pulsing dark basslines, shuffling hihats and smooth pads.

This unique style has taken her all over the country to perform shows with brands such as Garage Nation, Off Me Nut Records, 24hr Garage Girls, No Bounds Festival and more. As well as being a regular on the club night circuit she has played at several UK dance music festivals including Boomtown and has also brought her style to the party island of Ibiza. She has been a regular on Rinse FM and she showcases her unique style through her monthly 10Twenty Radio show.

In April 2018, ABee set up her own record label, to bring together all the incredible artists she has met on her musical journey. The label is called Mangoes + Melons and all the artists involved share the same passion and influence of 90s dance music that ABee does. The label mainly focuses on Speed Garage and has done well at bringing the sound back with regular releases, monthly radio shows and all vinyl parties. This year the label will be releasing their first vinyl releases.

2019 is set to be a great year for ABee with many exciting gigs lined up, fresh releases on her label coming out and the 1st release of some of her own tracks.

Bookings / Enquiries: jack@selectaartistagency.com